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The Child Within Us Lives!

Dedicated to the carefree, joyful, triumphant Child within each of us!

THE CHILD WITHIN US LIVES! brings SCIENCE, RELIGION AND METAPHYSICS ALIVE. Eclectic and non-sectarian, it puts, QUANTUM PHYSICS, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics in a new perspective, BEYOND theory and speculation. It takes the reader to the reason for the APPEARANCE of things and events, including science and history, in our experience. By the time the reader has read half the book, he will SEE how to test and PROVE the words for the CHILD within HIMSELF.

There is an absolute CERTAINTY that everyone is being brought in linear time to RE-DISCOVER the pristine, unblemished, guiltless Original Nature of himself, the Child he is already. Ah yes, and with the Child comes a knowledge of the manner in which light, time, space and matter are inter-related here in the tangible world--and why.

OUR REAL IDENTITY The Child and Its guidance are essential in our search. If one thinks his religion, his philosophy, or his theology is the means to finding the FINAL Answer, he is mistaken. The Child of Light and Love is the pathfinder, the guide, the way-shower up the mighty mountain in Kwangse Province. Science, religion and philosophy can take us a great distance, but the Child takes us to Dominion. It is absolutely essential that we actually get in touch with the eternal Child. How do we do that? Now we are coming to reason for this book.

  The Child Within Us Lives by William Samuel  

A Guide To Awareness And Tranquility

The entire Universe of Truth has been within us all the while---within the Heart! Here! Now!

Discover a peace of mind and tranquility that are utterly beyond belief--By "peace of mind" we do not mean the ecstatic ebbing and flowing "happiness" of religion, but an unfluctuating, unchanging, permanent sense of well-being that transcends every human concept. Transcendent Tranquility is not new. It is the "peace beyond understanding" spoken of by the saints and sages throughout history. This book will open your heart to this Transcendent Awareness such that the reader will be able to understand for themselves--and be it! This volume is intended to prove to the reader that the awakening to Reality is nearly effortless. Tender, childlike simplicity and honesty are the hallmarks of Reality's Tranquility. The nearly effortless practice of the tender precepts spoken of in this work will open the reader's door to a tangible, practical, down to earth bedrock, unfluctuating Tranquility such that nothing the world has to offer can prevail against it! Such is the scope of this book. Make of it what you will.


The Awareness of Self-Discovery

This book is for those who want Illumination itself, not a description of it--and for those who want to know how to live it.

AND TRANQUILLITY--- It will expand the themes presented in that book and permit a degree of insight into the not always easy, but requisite living of them... this book is intended for those who want peace of mind and are prepared for it. Those who are prepared are those who are willing to leave old landmarks--willing to forsake ego and intellectuality. Those who do will find these words instantaneously effective.
  The Awareness of Self Discovery by William Samuel  

Kindle and EBook Editions:


The Awareness of Self-Discovery (Kindle/EBook)


The Child Within Us Lives! (Kindle/Ebook)


A Guide To Awareness and Tranquility (Kindle/Ebook)



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