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William Samuel Website
This website has been created by Sandy Jones and is filled with great William Samuel materials

Jones & Company Ojai

William Samuel Study Group Blog
A place to connect

Gary Fuller--Meditative Writing

Lots of William Samuel Recordings
Listen Link Here

Gather William Samuel Group Discussion
Hosted by Richard Hay

YouTube Video On Reality (part one)

YouTube Video on Reality (part two)

YouTube Video On Love

YouTube On Truth

The Divine Equation
William Samuel DVD Clip

In The Light of an Alabama Rain---A Meditation.
Janice Winokur
Friend of William Samuel Shares Her Glimpses of Truth

Light Unlimited Publishing
Meditations & Books by Jon Shore

Life's Answers
Jon Shore

The Center for Living Truth
Tools and direction for the mystical journey Home

Urban Guru Cafe
Listen to an Audio Podcast of William Samuel
And others

YouTube William Samuel

YouTube Talks In White, Georgia

"Love is the fragrance of your being... indeed IS Being."

Jerry Katz