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Bill sitting on a rock (c) Su ChildWe are about the business of revealing an Identity, which already exists."   William Samuel preferred writing and sharing with those, who came to visit him at Lollygog, his houseboat on the Coosa River near Mountain Brook, Alabama.  He also had people calling and writing him.  When Bill's first primary book, A Guide to Awareness and Tranquility, was discovered by groups which requested he speak, he accepted those invitations for a time, and travelled far and wide.   What we share here are samples of some of those early talks.  Humor and humility are Bill's hallmark. Bill Samuel Photo

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Audio Programs

William Samuel Talk at the University of Florida

William Samuel Talks on Monterey Peninsula

William Samuel returned to Carmel in the fall of 1969 to provide this second seminar arranged by a core group of attendees of his first seminar in January.  Speaking to individuals from as far away as San Francisco, Los Angeles and beyond, he continues to review and present deepening aspects of ways he found helpful for himself to return to the clear perception of the All; the singleness of God, Life, Reality. Isness, "just Being." His audience was composed of individuals from various disciplines.  He skillfully brings the group together in understanding, carefully answering questions in order to proceed to more in-depth considerations of, and experiencing Here, Now, the three that are One, and meditative writing as an active practice.   Of course, since clarifying the role of human values and judgment, the major focus of his book,  A Guide to Awareness and Tranquility,  is revisited throughout this seminar. Inter-active 'ins and outs' of communication, illumination, non-dualism, awareness, life, identity and Self-sufficiency 

Talk 1

Talk 2

Abiding in this Here and now Awareness, basic Presence, Principle of Self-sufficiency, being oneself, tangible and spiritual giving and receiving is a dual appearance  all one process.  Bill shares his own experiences, and the illustration of the seed.

This Study
This Study is an early example of Bill's creation of vignettes around a given topic.  The variance of his selections create overtones within each listener each time one listens.  In his inimitable way speaking to the heart, Bill elaborates through personal experiences, homespun stories and astute analogies on what this study is, and what it is not.  This Study is first and foremost about the discovery of peace and tranquility.

Musings in the Alabama Woods
Bill speaks from the heart as he sits alone in an Alabama forest. A wonderful and insightful talk. It is as if you and Bill are sitting together in the woods.

Meditative Writing Session, Monterey Peninsula College Seminar, 1971

Talk 1  How to Discover Peace in the Midst of Turmoil - understanding Dualism.  How to Discover Peace in the Midst of Turmoil -  "Call It by Its Right Name"

Talk 2  Meditative Writing - an active practice in contemplation and meditation combined.  'Some things to do';  an active practice in contemplation and meditation combined.

Hilda shared these recordings with those requesting small group study - practice sessions

More William Samuel Audios

Early Morning Bird Walk

A delightful morning walk with Bill Samuel surrounded by birds singing. A great example of Bill's wonderful teaching style.

San Mateo Talks

The purpose of the role, which personality plays in understanding our real Identity

Atherton Talks 1972

The mountain of 'me, mighty me,' and the sweet meadow, which lies beyond of peace beyond human understanding, tranquility. The discovery of the Child.

Finding Your Right Place Vignettes

Listen to these short 11 vignettes in any order you wish. We have placed them all on 1 page for your convenience.

Santa Barbara Talks Vignettes

Listen to these short 9 taped vignettes in any order you wish. We have placed them all on 1 page for your convenience.

West Valley College Talks

Bill assures the audience that he'll speak only from the authority of the experience he is, and that everyone there also knows what he knows.  Then he proceeds to guide the audience through the realization that the heart can and will comprehend consciously a practical philosophy which discloses that beyond world appearances there is a Beauty and Harmony ever present which can be discovered and lived. He shares the Identity experience which he is and lives.

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Side B





Bill, Rachel and Hildegard